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 All the peoples of the world have the right to freely exercise self-determination.

We the signatories below completely reject the interference of foreign powers in the affairs of Syria, which violates the most elementary rights of the people.

Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law” – UN Declaration on Human Rights. 

The war instigated against the sovereign Syrian Arab Republic is a crime against humanity which the aggressors justify behind the veil of humanitarian aid. This imperialist war has little to do with humanitarian aid or with internationalism, which represents the tenderness between peoples.

To give credit to the hypocrisy of the aggressors’ speeches that claims to defend the values of democracy, of human rights, humanitarianism, women’s rights, international law, world peace, the illegal utilization of chemical weapon and the defence of the innocent civil population, is to comply in the imperialist ambitions of the aggressor.

What this war will result in is complicity in the current, as well as future, massacres of the Syrian people. The capitalist governments of the United States of America; Israel; Qatar; Turkey; Saudi Arabia, amongst others as well as those of Europe try to hide the real aims of this war. We refuse to be their “picador’s assistant”. We refuse not to see, not to listen and not to speak. Rather, we affirm that the following interests are served in this war game:

  1. Financiers (to keep the hegemony of the dollar over the Euro and to avoid the prospect of the oil corporations receiving Euros in return for oil).
  2. Economic (the free access, or more precisely the theft, by transnational monopolies of the natural resources of other nations)
  3. Of safety and cost of the transport (to guarantee the transport of these resources towards the consuming nerve centres of capitalism)
  4. Military (to guarantee the free access to zones of offensive against the development of China and Russia)
  5. Geo-strategic (to prevent, or avoid the development of a pole of power by means of possible alliances between the nations of the zone and of these with others).

The overall strategic aim is to re-draw the borders and to effect the complete reorganisation of a   “New Middle East”. The European and American-Israel roadmap is based in the concept a neo-conservative ideology of “creative destruction” of “constructive chaos” and the “permanent war against the terrorism”.

With it, they justify the suffering of the peoples as a “necessary consequence” and promote this fragmentation through the concept of Balkanisation, using the sectarian war between brothers and sisters and the deployment of the age old tactic of “divide and rule” that has been put to effective use in so many other conflicts.

However, not only it is a question of dividing and conquering the villages, towns, cities, and ultimately the states of the entire Middle East, but also of “pacification” or “social peace” processes through extermination.

They seek to artificially provoke fratricidal wars and sectarian terrorism between members of different religions and diverse ethnicities. Their aim is demographic and not democratic change. It is ultimately the elimination of every superfluous population in order to supress any claim for their rights, or to fight for a dignified life and for freedom and self- determination.

The prevailing conditions of alienation, lack of ideological cohesion, an information deficit and organizational and political weaknesses incapacitates the European left to launch effective internationalist and anti-imperialist solidarity.

Therefore we affirm that it is the popular Syrian organizations that fight against imperialist interference, alongside the Arabic Syrian Army and the government of Assad who represent the   anti-imperialist organizations of the region.

It is they who display an impeccable exercise of revolutionary internationalism. It is they alone who can at present prevent the major evil of a humanitarian criminal disaster to which all the peoples in the complex ethnic-religious composition of Middle East and also of the Syrian Arab Republic are doomed. If Syria falls, the Arabic, the Palestinian, and the national Kurdish aspirations will potentially be lost forever.

There is no analysis or arguments that can be put forward by the European left to justify or offer support, or even the merest of approval, to the alliance of the internal Syrian dissent, with imperialist aims and interests. It is not possible put forward a justification for this imperialist war while obviating responsibility for the consequences for all the peoples of the conquest, the redesign and the imperialist neo-colonisation of the “New Middle East” on the part of western capitalism.

The escape forward that r great part of the European left side do, forgetting his nule internationalist interest showed by the Syrian people till now, obviating the beginning of the minor evil and closing the eyes before the real aims of the principal enemy of the humanity (with whom it coexists too comfortably still) it takes as a consequence not alone the empowerment of this enemy but the ideological weakening and the ethical decadence of this left side.

 To this end we urge progressive and leftist men and women to:

-Respect the Arab cause in general and the people of Syria in particular.

 -Continue to support anti-imperialist principles and to oppose their own governments and national powers who engage in imperial wars.

-Work to oppose sanctions against the Syrian Arab Republic and other countries of the Middle East. Oppose this supposed “humanitarian” aid mission that will in fact provide political, economic, financial and military support to groups of salafists, tafkirists, wahabi and mercenary groups. No war is humanitarian.

-Offer spaces and political resources that facilitate diplomacy and negotiation, without following their own interests, as a route to the resolution of the internal conflicts of Syria and other States.

-To push the boycott campaign against any Zionist expression and Israel’s interests in the cultural, academic, artistic, economic, sports area, etc…

 Basque – Syrian friendship campaign

Signer! / SINATU! / Firma! /

  • Ibai Martinez de Trebiño
  • Mauritziu Faedda
  • Jon Kortazar Billelabeitia
  • Ion Metauten Pilarte
  • Periko Solabarria
  • Walter Wendelin
  • Rebeka Gomez Reigosa
  • Arturo Villanueva Arteaga
  • Aitor Carrera Blanco
  • Endika Oviedo Baztarrika
  • Beatriz Esteban Rola
  • Nestor Silva
  • Marikarmen Albizu Etxate
  • Nerea Garro
  • Joakin Arregi Goenaga
  • Joseba Agudo Mantzisidor
  • Danel Martin Arruabarrena
  • Unai Kontxa Olabarrieta
  • Erik Gartzia Egaña